Conservation of the environment is one of the main concerns for The Mailing Room (MK) Ltd. Therefore we have set up a series of measures within the company so as to ensure we meet certain criteria and also do our bit for the environment. 

Waste Recycling
We recycle all paper, plastics, cardboard and metals. There are various recycling stations around the offices and warehouse clearly stating which recyclable items must go in them. All waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. All used toner and inkjet cartridges are regularly collected by the appropriate recycle companies and are either refiled or broken down so the parts can be reused.

Energy Efficiency
We have signs displayed in the building prompting staff to turn out lights when certain rooms are not being occupied. Also the PC’s are all turned off at the end of each day. We encourage staff to close doors so heat can’t escape.

Sustainable Mail
Keeping mailing addresses up to date and regularly cleansed is vital in maintaining a productive database. There are various cleansing techniques that can be implemented to ensure that duplicates are removed, gone ways and movers are updated and the relevant suppression files are applied (e.g. Mailing Preference Service)


  • We aim to use as many recycled options as possible when sourcing our paper products and envelopes. Where recycled paper isn’t an option we use paper sourced from fully sustainable forests.
  • We offer biodegradable and compostable polythene options.
  • All of our mailings include a ‘please recycle’ logo.
  • All our paper & print suppliers use paper products produced using non-chlorinating bleaching methods. We annually check that all suppliers have in place a environmental management system.

The majority of all our paper suppliers and printers have ISO14001 certification. We are also accredited for ISO14001.

All factory and office employees have been informed of the commitments laid out above, and the management team has made significant investments to adapt the facilities so that every member of staff follows the procedures.